Saturday, 16 November 2013

Product Review: Michelin Pilot Road Standard Tyres

Michelin Pilot Road Standard Motorcycle Tyres:

Price: £260 appx. (fitted)

I can't actually remember the exact price to get the front and rear fitted but it was around £260. So my Bridgestone BT22's had lasted a year consisting of a long weekend trip to Normandy, an 8 day trek to the Black Forest and many ride outs in-between. Usually I swear by Bridgestone and have never used anything else, until I needed new tyres for the Pyrenees trip and Emma suggested I try the Pilot Road's. I didn't have much money so I went for the standards, but there are Pilot Road 2's and 3's available also.

Now it may (or may not) be known that I have a bit of an issue putting my SV around corners. The first cause of this seemed to be that my steering was off, so I rectified this which didn't really make too much of a difference. But these tyres, despite being the cheapest of the 3 types changed that. Their grip in the dry was great and even when it started raining en-route to Barcelona I noticed I was quicker around bends than I had been before (and I have always been very wary of water and drains on the roads). My confidence in the SV has now been increased and would probably explain why I always rode Emma's SV and CBR a lot better (as she uses Pilot Road's of some type on both bikes).

Apparently the Pilot Road 3's are absolutely amazing, but I can't really vouch for those. I would say if you are on a bit of a budget there is no shame in getting the standards as they have made me switch from the BT22's, which I have always used on all my bikes (along with the BT16's).

Take a look at the Michelin website:

MCBlogSpot Rating: 9/10
(only reason it isn't 10 is because the 3's are apparently even better!)