Saturday, 8 February 2014

Pyrenees: Day 2

Well... I officially declare myself useless at keeping blogs up to date... my apologies. I do try, just other stuff always tends to get in the way! But yes onto day 2...

Pyrenees: Day 2, Arriving in Santander - Heading to Etxarri Aranatz - 28th August 2013 (135 miles)

This is where it starts to get a bit tricky as obviously it depends on what I can remember and unfortunately there are not many pics to illustrate... From Day 3 it starts to get more interesting =)

Now, obviously we were still on the boat at this point, not arriving in Santander until 18:15 local time. For the most part, it was about keeping ourselves busy and we started the day by popping outside to see what the weather was like. I think we were all quite surprised at the sudden increase in temperature, despite being a lovely sunny day when we left Portsmouth.

We then headed down to breakfast and attempted to use the boat's onboard free Wi-Fi. My iPhone has a bit of an issue connecting to open Wi-Fi's with login pages, but I believe I managed to get it working that day. We found a small arcade section on the boat so Rob tried his luck at the motorcycle simulation whilst me and Casey had a crack at Guitar Hero. I believe Emma occupied herself with a book as she usually does :p.

I have to say as convenient as the overnight ferry is to Spain, it takes a lot to keep yourself occupied on a boat for that length of time. We bought magazines, read for a bit and pottered about but eventually you get a bit bored. Although the onboard cinema is great and does use up a fair bit of time.

I think we got off the ferry about 19:00 local time and were keen to get to the campsite as quick as we could to make as much use of the light as possible. I am pretty sure we headed straight there, stopping a few times to make sure everyone was OK and to sort out any issues we might of had. Also, as Rob has pointed out to me we were stopped by a Spanish policeman informing us that we couldn't overtake on the solid double lines. He was a nice guy, cared more about our safety than anything else. It was late when we got there mind, but we quickly set up camp, Rob and Casey went for a beverage whilst me and Emma headed to bed ready for the journey to Jaca the next day :).