Thursday, 25 October 2012

Black Forest 2012: Day 2 - Bruges, Belgium - Steinfort, Luxembourg

Day 2: Bruges, Belgium - Steinfort, Luxembourg - 27/08/2012
Miles: 233 appx.

Today was made up of spending the morning in Bruges followed by a scenic journey to the camping site in Steinfort. After feeding ourselves with cereal bars we went for a wander around the city. Our main activities were taking in the surroundings, such as the main square, the Belfry and the canal and visiting the chocolate museum.

If you are interested at all, I took a picture of an ancient recipe for spiced chocolate whilst in the museum which you can see to the left.

Once out of the museum we consumed the obligatory Belgian waffle before heading off to Steinfort. One thing I am gutted about is that we never took pictures of the 6 or so hour route we took there as it was stunning and the weather was really kind to us. I do however have a screenshot of the route as taken from map source. If you would like the Garmin file for any of the routes we took please leave a comment below and I will upload them somewhere for you to download. All routes have been made up by checking those put on and adapting for our own journey.

For a more detailed view of the roads we took you will need to take a look at the Garmin file, but above is a general outline of the route we did. If you click on it you should be able to see a larger image.

We finally got to Luxembourg (which I acknowledged with a fist in the air - I was possibly a bit excited) and filled up. We also had a quick drink and a few snacks, plus the mandatory toilet break. It was starting to get a bit dark by this point, I think it was something like 7 or 8pm local time, so our stop was relatively brief. We made our way to Steinfort, getting slightly lost in the process (a few diversions were in place) and set up camp. We had a fairly late night dinner (consisting of the mug shots we brought with us plus a much needed cup of tea) and headed off to bed - ready for the day out in the capital the next day.

[Next Up: Day 3: Visiting Luxembourg]

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  1. The waffles for lunch were amazing, but the chocolate factory won. :D