Sunday, 16 June 2013

Booking Frustrations... :/

On Christmas Day 2012 I contacted several campsites in Spain and France to see if they would accept motorcycles at their premises. On the same day, most of these campsites replied. For the last few weeks I have been contacting the same campsites, who now (despite being open for business) have failed to reply in order to confirm any bookings.

Granted, I am only able to email these campsites as I don't fancy making phone calls from my mobile phone (I do not have a landline phone), but come on, Christmas Day is a fine day to reply but when you are actually open it is too much bother? And yes, to those who are wondering, I have been following up my emails to them.

My advice to anyone attempting to book a plot or two at any campsites in and around the North Spain/Pyrenees region is to do this way in advance so that you can contact other campsites in the event that your original choices fail to get in touch with you.

Today I have been doing just that - finding a few plan B's so that we are not left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Low and behold though, one has replied to me in a matter of minutes! This fine specimen is the site "Camping Etxarri" who are my second choice for the first night of our travels. Being the only campsite to acknowledge any of my recent emails I felt they deserved an honorary mention.

Although I can not vouch for their facilities, hospitality or location as of yet I can at least recommend their communication. If anyone is interested their official website is: and they are located within the Navarre region of Northern Spain.

So I end this blogging post with a thank you to Floren at Camping Etxarri for giving me a glimpse of hope that somewhere out there we may find accommodation for our trip.

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