Friday, 13 March 2015

Becoming a Bike Instructor!

An opportunity was advertised a couple of months ago online for bike instructors in the area of Hounslow. Being curious I decided to contact the bike school and see what it was all about.

I went for an interview at the end of January and to meet the guys running the school. They have been around for almost two years and due to increasing business are looking for bike instructors that they can train up to take on the extra students. I explained my situation - currently working at a school in London and would be unable to leave my post until I was trained and able to earn - at which point I would be available to go full time and focus on instructing as my only job. They accepted this and decided there and then they would be happy for me to come onboard but that I must come and observe 4 CBTs in training to see if it was definitely for me.

So during the february half term I spent four days down there, watching how things were run, how they taught each element of the CBT and the content that was delivered. A few days in I was slightly concerned about how repetitive it may end up being - teaching the same content, but to different people. At the school, I support students with learning difficulties and it is more about teaching different content to the same people. These concerns were distinguished by the third visit, as I realised that the variety of different people taking their CBT and the friendliness of the people who worked there made it an exciting and interesting place to work. Although the bike school offered training free of charge, there is a commitment contract of e18 months whereby you agree to work for them for that length of time. During the training you are also not being paid, which made the decision I little harder to make due to fact that the bike school is around 40 miles from my house and would be an added financial commitment.

After discussing all the pros and cons with my partner I decided to email Maria (office manager) and accept the opportunity presented to me. I have since been down every weekend to watch, learn and take notes and will be put through some training during the Easter holidays. It is amazing how much you need to take in from an instructor perspective when compared to doing your CBT as a student. Not a trick is missed at this bike school. Everything is done by the book and they get some great results.

If you are interested in doing your CBT or perhaps would like some training to take your full test then get in touch and see how we can help you. The school is MCT London, based just off the A4 opposite Osterley tube station. Our website is:, so come have a look and check out some of the reviews given by our students!

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