Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Psy's First Big Bike Lesson

Psy's First Big Bike Lesson
Last Wednesday my housemate took his first ever big bike lesson on a GS 650. He only had an hour booked so they mainly stayed in the training car park with a small half hour ride out onto the rode.

After the lesson he said to me that he found the feel of the bike far different to his 125cc bike he had owned before, but that he found it more comfortable. He needs to sort out his rear brake and clutch control but I am hoping he passes all the tests in time to join us on our Pyrenees trip later this year! 

Today is his theory test, so over the last couple of days he has been revising for that. Recently he has been passing the mock tests so fingers crossed he gets through it today. Once he sorts that out he will  be able to start training for his MOD 1 test followed by his MOD 2 test. You can keep up with Psy's lessons on here as I will give updates where I can. This way it might help some of you understand the new bike laws and how the training may work.

For Psy, he has turned 25 years of age so he is able to do a full unrestricted test. Due to financial reasons, he is currently doing 2 hour lessons every other week like you would usually do with normal car driving lessons. To pass the test he must pass on a bike of at least 600cc and power of 53. The GS 650 is less powerful than the requirements so from next week he will be changing bikes (although what bike we do not know yet). He is training with Karmenz Motorcycle Training in Billing, Northampton as he originally did his CBT with him almost a year ago. Details for Karmenz can be found here:

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