Thursday, 24 January 2013

Product Review: Dainese Hilton Jacket + Gator Trousers

Guess I should be writing about these seeing as it's been mentioned in Emma's post that I will do... so here goes!

Dainese Hilton Gortex Jacket
This jacket was going for £329 at the MCN show. They only had one as it is now a discontinued product. I did a bit of searching on the web before purchasing and noticed eBay had it for £299 (but not my size). As the one on the Dainese stand was my size I told the guy I'd buy it if he did it for £300. Reluctantly he agreed! But anyway onto the review...

I  have been wearing this jacket throughout the majority of this winter season. It has a bomber jacket type layer inside, two zips for keeping the wind out, adjustable straps on the waist and neck layers and ample storage space. It also has some reflective areas. I have found this jacket great for keeping the wind out, warm and enough pockets to store keys, wallets and whatever else you want. There are two zip/button combination pockets on the outside and a velcro inside pocket. It takes the normal Dainese back armour too which I transferred from my Dainese leather jacket.

I have a couple of qualms about this jacket. Firstly, Dainese - you really need to sort your zips out! The inside zip is fine, but the one on the outside doesn't connect properly at the bottom and you end up with it coming undone unless you hold it a particular way. I've had problems in the past where Dainese zips have pulled off easily and I've had to replace with key rings. The second is to do with the buttons on the wrist. They are a bit awkward when putting gloves over the top and it takes a bit of fidgeting to get your gloves over properly. If you don't do it properly air appears to get inside quite easily.

Edit: Forgot to mention how waterproof the jacket is. It is actually very waterproof. In all the rain I have ridden in with it I have never got wet. Perfectly dry when I take it off. So it definitely does the job in that department!

MCBlogSpot Rating: 8/10

Dainese Gator Gortex Trousers

The trousers on the other hand fair pretty well. I don't actually have anything negative to say about them. They are waterproof, warm (as warm as things can stay when it gets really cold) and comfortable. They adjust well, have a removable lining inside and you can easily get them over your boots. There are two zips around the bottom of the leg, one to extend the area (like boot cut jeans almost) and the other to open the bottom up. There are also zipped pockets and a rear zipped pocket. The crotch area is another zip and the top is button with a new lock-fastening system. All in all, really good trousers. I am not sure if they have been discontinued, but definitely worth getting if you need a pair. Oh and they zip fine to the Dainese jacket to definitely keep the wind out.

MCBlogSpot Rating: 10/10

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