Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Problems With Motorcycle Routes In Garmin's Basecamp

OK, so if like me you have had to revert to Garmin's Basecamp software and are having trouble with creating routes then this YouTube link will sort you out:

Basecamp is Garmin's map software, which allows you to create routes, view addresses and POI's and much more. Previously I used Garmin's older version known as Mapsource and never experienced any issues. Unfortunately, when I downloaded the new 2013.4 European maps, Mapsource would not allow me to use them and so Basecampe was my only option.

I tried to create a short route from my house in Northampton to the M1 via some back roads. However, the route that Basecamp calculated for me made no sense and made it far more complicated than it needed to be. The thing is, Basecamp utilises a profile system for cars, motorcycles, HGV's etc. You need to configure the profile in order for the routes to be calculated correctly. This YouTube video will show you how to do this and how to perform similar steps on your Garmin device. You can then tweak the settings so that they work for you. For example, the tutorial selects the fastest route option but I leave mine as the shortest route.

If you have any questions regarding Basecamp or other Gamin products then enter a comment below and I will do my best to help you. If you feel you can contribute some useful information regarding Basecamp then please do that too. Although I am still learning with Basecamp myself so won't pretend to know everything !

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