Thursday, 9 May 2013

Black Forest 2012: Day 7 - Mosel Valley, Germany - Durnal, Belgium

OK, I know it has been forever since I last posted. As you can imagine University got on top of me and I spent the last few months finishing it off. But now I have completely finished, handed in my final piece of work on the 2nd May, so I can continue writing the blog!

Day 7: Mosel Valley, Germany - Durnal, Belgium 01/09/2012
Miles: 144 appx. 

Now, we originally planned to go the fast way to the campsite in Durnal, but as we had a bit of time and it was a nice day we set the sat nav up for the shortest route, avoiding all motorways and main roads. It turned out to be a great idea, as the scenery and sites were amazing.

Me and my sat nav did have a bit of a disagreement however on this route. Originally stating about 90 miles from Mosel Valley to the campsite, we ended up filling up the bikes twice on the way and it took about 3 hours. All was forgiven though as we really enjoyed the ride. Don't let the sunny pictures fool you though, it was freezing!

The biggest highlight were the castles we spotted. In fact, we rode past it the first time and decided that we would go back to see it. I do not know much about them other than they are called The Manderscheid Castles. There is some more information knocking around on google if you are interested. I wish we went up to them now and had a proper look, but as with most things on this trip time was pretty much against us =(. This is the only picture taken of me and Emma together on this trip too lol.

We got to Durnal and set up camp. My Grandad said that we should visit Dinant if we could so we headed up there for the afternoon, with Emma popping on the back of my bike. It's a nice town, not a lot going on really but sits by the river and is quite picturesque. There were large saxophones across the town and over the river, which represented different countries, which was cool. We had a look inside the chapel and had dinner by the river. The waitress didn't speak English but my (very little) french just about got us by.

There are no routes for this trip, but there are some nice roads around the Durnal area, so I would recommended looking some up if you are ever over that way.

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