Thursday, 24 April 2014

New Toy! Introducing...

I interrupt the very (slowly) written Pyrenees 2013 posts to introduce my new toy

So I picked it up about 2 weeks ago. Its a 2003 Honda CBR 954 RR3 fireblade. I've wanted one ever since I wanted to ride. It has around 19,000 on the clock and 2 previous owners.

The bagster tank cover I picked up for a bargain £19 on eBay. It is pretty standard, apart from the Scorpion exhaust, double bubble tinted screen, scottoiler and Meta System alarm. With 149 bhp you do notice the difference when you twist the throttle. I have owned a couple of CBR 600s in the past, both carbs and fuel injection models. This is obviously fuel injection. It has Road Pilot 2 tyres which I am finding quite different to the standards but pretty confident in their capability.

Now I am not much of a speed rider so to be honest I don't notice the power difference unless I am in a position whereby I need to overtake somebody. It is NOT a comfortable bike and you obviously do not buy it for that purpose. There is plenty of under seat storage and can quite happily fit a 1.8m chain and shackle lock there. I am having a peculiar thing happen whereby the seat will open if I hit a bump due to the weight of the chain - which I need to find a way of resolving. The pillion seat opens up like the boot of a car rather than being removed completely.

Another issue at the moment is that it won't start after a week of owning it. We have checked the starter motor, relay, battery, wires and all seems fine. The person I bought it from put a cheap new battery in it the morning I picked it up, telling me the other died when he got the bike out that morning. So it is either going to be something to do with the battery, the alarm system or something else. It is in the garage, so hopefully it isn't a major problem.

Other than that, I love it and yes I still have my SV :). Need something for the general commute :).

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