Thursday, 24 April 2014

Pyrenees: Day 3

Two blog entries in one sitting! Don't get used to this...

Pyrenees: Day 3, Etxarri Aranatz - Jaca - 29th August 2013 (123 miles)

This was probably the first day when we started seeing some promising sights of what was to come. After packing up from our one night stay, we pretty much filled up near where we left off and set about on our route.

For the most part we followed the N240. We came across a fantastic view of the "Embalse de Yesa" and found ourselves stopping quite a few times to take pictures as we headed to Jaca (perhaps too often...).

We actually went through Jaca before arriving at the campsite, as the site was slightly north-east of Jaca itself. But we got there, set up and got ready to head back to Jaca for some food.

Rob found the bends to and from the campsite particularly inviting so he went ahead so I couldn't slow him down (I am not the quickest rider by any stretch of the imagination) and caught up afterwards and led back to the town.

After having a bit of a wander round Jaca, we grabbed some food at a local cafe. The waiter didn't speak much English but pointing at pictures on a menu generally seems to work! I think we mainly had pizzas and finished it off with a banana split. After this we walked off our dinner and took in Jaca's surroundings.

There is an old castle that we had a walk around, but didn't actually go inside and some old buildings in the main town centre. After Rob and Casey sorted out some food for the campsite we pretty much rode back (I think the weather was possibly turning at this point too, or at least getting colder!).

We finished off the day with a drink at the onsite bar, preparing for the epic trek the next day (which really did turn out to be an epic trek...)

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