Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Pyrenees: Day 10

Pont des Espagne
Pyrenees: Day 10, Esquieze Sere, Pyrenees, France - Pont Des Espagne, 5th September 2013 (13.7 miles - one way)

With Rob back with us we could carry on with the rest of the holiday. Today was all about the Pont des Espagne waterfall. Of course we love riding and that is the main purpose of doing a trip like this - enjoying the roads, bends and scenery. But being in the middle of the Pyrenees it would be a crime not to see as much as we could whilst we were here.

Before heading off to the waterfall, which was only 13.7 miles away, we needed to stock up on food supplies. Luckily in the very small town that we were camping in there was a small Carrefour supermarket so we stocked up on pasta, tinned vegetables, crisps - general stuff that we could cook on our small solid fuel stove and snack on during the day.

As well as the cable lock under my SV seat I also brought a second maxtor cable lock for securing some of the bike wear to the bikes. We rode in hiking boots to avoid climbing the waterfall in motorcycle boots, which we left in the tents. I locked the two SVs together in the car park, but this was quite gravely so Rob moved his bike somewhere more flat.

Part way up the waterfall we found a great place to have lunch. There were several large rocks that were situated in the water, easily accessible by the footpath that runs alongside the waterfall. We sat here to eat, enjoying the sound of running water, the lovely hot weather and the beautiful surroundings.

Further up the waterfall Emma was struggling somewhat with her joints which made it hard to continue much further. I continued as far to the top as I could in order to take some pictures whilst Rob stayed with Emma. I came back down to meet them and we stopped to top up our energy levels with some sugary sweets. Rob and I dipped our feet in the waterfall and despite the lovely warm weather the water was absolutely freezing! We picked ourselves up and headed back down to the bikes. 

At the bottom we stopped for drinks and ice cream. As we had spent a good day walking we pretty much headed back to the campsite after this so we could relax.

After dinner Rob and I went to the local town to find a bar so we could have a drink and let Emma rest up in the tent. It was great to wind down after a really active day ready to jump back on the bikes again the following day.

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