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Pyrenees: Day 8

Pyrenees: Day 8, Camping Ansalonga, Andorra - Cami de Riberies, Llavorsi, 3rd September 2013 (58 miles - one way)

Back when we were still planning the trip I had booked a session of white water rafting for 4 of the (then) 5 of us. Without Psy on this trip it had gone down to 3 (Rob wasn't keen on doing it). Of course, circumstances had now changed somewhat. With Rob and Casey back in Barcelona it was just Emma and myself that would take the short 58 mile ride back to Spain.

Although a short trip, there were several bends that perhaps we weren't really expecting. What we also weren't expecting were some of the amazing views of the mountains. It's amazing how green the mountains are in Northern Spain. Its a different kind of green to say England or Wales, much darker in shade and of course surrounded by dusty roads and dried out grass.

Our session was booked for 10:45am, although I remember arriving quite early, say around 10. There was a bit of confusion at reception when we explained we were now a part of 2 rather than 4. According to the lady at the desk we should have notified in advance that our situation had changed. I explained that we only knew what was happening the day before to which she seemed OK in the end.

There was a cafe across from the river so we went and got a hot chocolate whilst we waited. We ended up being the only 2 English people doing the session, so they paired us up with an instructor who spoke really good English (my Spanish is almost non-existent). I'd never done anything like this before, but I knew Emma had (and if its not rafting then she's at least done kayaking). The instructor was great, switching between English and Spanish, giving instructions and allowing rafters to jump into the water if they wished to - of course only at calmer, safer parts of the river!

The surrounding landscape was amazing. Clear water, flowing through the valley, with mountains either side. That's the part I enjoyed the most - looking around and taking in the surroundings. My bottom got pretty sore by the end, but it was definitely worth it. We were considering purchasing photos (they had one member driving along at various photo spots taking photos) but they shut up the kiosk before we could ask for them :(.

At the time of writing it cost us €41 per person (in today's currency £36) for the 3rd September - which may have been off-peak season. Of course prices may change. Visit for more details.

On the way back we stopped in Andorra-La-Vella to check out all the motorcycle clothing stores - in particular the Dainese store. The prices are just so much cheaper than back at home as it is a duty free state. I think if I need new gear I will be coming back here!

I also spotted a black/yellow 954 in the Honda garage which (apart from the colour scheme) is my dream Fireblade. I was tempted to swap in the SV but now I have a blue/black 954 so I am very happy :). There were also several Dali pieces knocking around.

Back in Barcelona Casey had some bad news regarding the Dakar. The garage could not give him an estimated time of repair so his insurance arranged to take the bike home and fly Casey back to England. Rob was going to meet up with us at our next camp site the following day.

So Emma and I ate on our own that evening back at the campsite and prepared for the epic trek through the Pyrenees to our next destination....

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