Friday, 9 May 2014

Fireblade Starting Issue Resolved!

It has taken a while but Wickford Motorcycles have solved my starting issue!

In the first instance we thought it might have been something to do with the Rob Hunter battery that had been installed when I picked the bike up. After attempting to see if the bike would start with one of the workshop batteries (and failing) Wickford waited for a brand new battery that was being delivered for one of their other bikes in the shop.

A couple of days later the battery arrived and after optimising the battery it was tried in the blade. Unfortunately the problems still occurred so one of them went to buy a new battery for the alarm fob to see if this was causing issues. Whilst they were out it was discovered that there were 2 burnt out wires underneath the fuse box. These were soon replaced and for a short while the bike started.

However, the next day I turned up with the second fob (to see if this would make a difference) and the bike started playing up again. There was no choice at this point but to rip out the meta system alarm. Voila! This fixed the issue and I have had no trouble since.

It seems as though something burnt the two wires and shorted the alarm, causing all sorts of immobiliser issues. It is unlikely that the alarm itself burnt the wires but no problems have occurred since and touch wood won't again :).

Thank you Wickford Motorcycles, couldn't recommend them highly enough!

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