Saturday, 10 May 2014

Pyrenees: Day 5

No ride outs - just a full day in Barcelona :)

Pyrenees: Day 5 - Barcelona - 31st August 2013

Waking up in the heat of Barcelona, with tents a stone throws distance from the Mediterranean was a rather refreshing start to the day after the troubles experienced from the day before. Next to us camped a solo motorcyclist and his CBR 600 and the rest of the campsite was fairly sparse really as the end of August marks the end of the peak season.

We had breakfast plus a brief stroll across the beach. Casey and Rob started making arrangements to get the Dakar looked at by contacting his travel insurance provider. Unfortunately nobody could do anything until the Monday (today was Saturday). Rob took Casey on the GSXR and Emma jumped on with me as we headed into Barcelona.

After wandering around for a bit we found a cheap fast food outlet for lunch. Then, we carried on wandering, passing a church and a barbed wire looking object.

We headed towards the dock, picking up some lollipops on the way and stopped for a drink. Luckily, we locked our bike gear to the bikes so we were able to withstand the heat a lot better.

We ended up in the history museum, which Rob and Casey managed to get round really quickly and so wanted to head up to the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia before it shut. It takes me a while to take in all the information in a museum so we said we would meet up with them there.

Unfortunately though, Rob and Casey had the map and all we had was an offline map app for the iPhone, which doesn't highlight were the main attractions are. I knew the rough area though so we headed in the general direction of the Basilica. 

On the way we passed a strange object, covered in glass with a chair inside it, with water running down the inside. We also passed Barcelona's Arc de Triomf within a park as we continued heading northwards.

We arrived at the unfinished Basilica, and what a sight it was. Gaudi has truly brought together elements from different sources to create something that fits in with the 21st Century, despite being started in 1882. We found Rob and Casey here who also marvelled at its design and detail. I question the need for such a building but that doesn't detract from what a fascinating spectacle it is.

We headed back into town to which Rob treated as all to dinner :) (thank you Rob). I think this was so that I could have the birthday meal I wanted to do the day before but we arrived too late. When we got back to the campsite Emma went off to sleep whilst us 3 went and had a drink as close to the sea as we could get to chill out from all the walking we did that day!

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