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Pyrenees: Day 7

The trip to Andorra - and the fate of the BMW Dakar...

Pyrenees: Day 7, Barcelona - Andorra - 2nd September 2013 (134 miles)

First thing in the morning Casey's Dakar was picked up by recovery and taken to an official BMW garage. Unfortunately the BMW garage was super busy and wouldn't be able to look at the bike for about a week, so off we went again to a local small Yamaha garage.

We waited around for a while until we could find out the state of the bike. Initially it seemed quite promising and looked like it would be sorted in a day or two. With this information Rob stayed with Casey, booking another night at the campsite whilst me and Emma headed off to Andorra. The plan was that once the bike was fixed, the two of them would meet up with us on route. I wrote all the information on a bit of paper, addresses and what not of where we would be on what day so they could easily find us when the bike was sorted.

So whilst Rob and Casey spent the day relaxing and doing whatever they felt like, me and Emma got a bit lost heading up to Andorra, ending up on some private gravelly road, home of a local training site. After decided this was the wrong way, we headed back and tried to recalculate the sat-nav on to the correct path (making friends with an upside-down dog on the way).

After getting lost some more we eventually stopped at a rest point where we had something to drink and chilled for a moment. It was a pretty hot day that day so we felt we definitely needed the rest.

There were lots of views of mountains and such as we got closer to Andorra and we arrived at the campsite just before it got too dark. I was really excited seeing all the bike clothing stores as we went through the main Andorra-La-Vella as I never realised it was a popular duty-free motorcycle state. We set up the tent and rode back towards the nearest small village to find something to eat.

We ended up eating at the first restaurant we saw. It was quite quiet that evening, but I think the locals eat later than we do at home as people started turning up after 9pm. I had a lovely meal, it was the best cooked duck I have ever tasted. I can't quite remember what Emma had but I believe she enjoyed it too!

We had a wander round, taking a picture of a dagger for Rob (he likes those :)) and then jumped back on the SV to the campsite. Considering how hot it was during the day, the night was freezing! It dropped to about 6 degrees :/.

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