Saturday, 11 October 2014

Pyrenees: Day 11

Small road to Gavarnie
Now that the Scotland trip is finally written up its time to continue with the Pyrenees trip from 2013!

Pyrenees: Day 11, 6th September 2013
Airotel Pyrenees - Luz Ardiden (9.6 miles) - Gavarnie (20.6 miles) - Airotel Pyrenees (12.7 miles)
Looking back on some of these pictures I am reminded just how gorgeous some of the places we visited are. After travelling around Scotland this year (2014) its easy to forget the beauty in other parts of the world.

A couple of routes were suggested to us by members of the SV org. These are normally tackled by cyclists, but we took them on by motorbike. The total mileage was just over 40 miles but we were told that the views were meant to be stunning.

Our first route was a short 9 or so miles to Luz Ardiden, another location that falls on the Tour de France. These roads are loaded with hair pins and sheep and in today's instance also poor visibility. We were unable to see the great views from the top, but we had better luck on our next ride.

As Rob could handle the bends better than I, he took the lead to Gavarnie. With my bike occasionally slipping into neutral I wasn't too confident taking them any faster. The view was better  this time round and we could see the great surroundings. We headed back so that Rob could do his own thing at the campsite and Emma and I went back to do a short walk around the Gavarnie region.

We didn't have to go far when we spotted the waterfall. There weren't many hours of daylight left so our walk didn't progress much further. However, it is somewhere that we would like to revisit in the future and do the trek properly. I believe it takes around 5 - 7 hours in total and so we would require a whole day to do it!

Back at the campsite we made a friend. There was a cat very interested in our food... I think it belonged to the British couple renting one of the cabins on the campsite. With the weather getting worse it was important that we sorted ourselves out ready for the ride tomorrow to Mauleon-Soule on the fringes of the Pyrenees region. We were about to get pretty wet...

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