Friday, 10 October 2014

Scotland: Day 8

Scotland 2014: Day 8, 5th September 2014
Fort William - Houghton Regis (478 miles)
Petrol Stops: 4
Time: 10 hours approx. (with stops)

So here were are, writing up the final day of the trip! Today was all about getting home - almost 500 miles to travel in one day, all along motorways and direct from A - B (allowing for petrol stops of course).

The night before we were planning to leave I re-adjusted the route to include the cheapest possible petrol stops on the way home. There were 4 stops in total, mostly at ASDA petrol stations and away from motorways. Otherwise we spent all day on the main roads.

As you can see from the pictures it was not a dry start to the journey home. We left around 8 am and we ended up behind a lorry most of the way along the A82 towards Glasgow. Visibility was pretty poor too and the views were covered by mist. It took around 2 hours to travel the 100 miles to Glasgow and our first petrol stop. However, once we were here we had access to motorways and so the rest of the journey we were able to travel at decent speeds.

Our second petrol stop was near Carlisle as we planned our stops between 100 to 140 mile intervals. Once we crossed the border to England we were greeted with great weather! About 10 miles after this we stopped at the services for lunch, just off the M6. After munching down our BK meal we set off to our next petrol stop located near Knutsford with our last stop at Northampton, just 30 miles from home.

We got home around 6pm, which isn't bad considering we had 4 petrol stops and a lunch stop. Obviously it was a pretty boring run, but this meant we didn't have to pay for another night somewhere and gave us the weekend to get stuff done back at home. Time and money permitting you could mix the journey up with rides through the Lake District and the Peak District.

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