Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Pyrenees: Day 14

Pyrenees: Day 14, 9th September 2013
Camping Santander - Portsmouth

The original plan was to head from San Sebastian to Santander on this day. For the original route please look at this entry here:

Obviously being in Santander already made this a lot easier to manage. We were able to go and have lunch without rushing around and then head over to the port. We had a few issues finding the correct road to take us there and also there were road works so we were eventually re-directed another way.

We departed slightly later than the scheduled 3:15pm time. Most of this ferry trip we just sat around reading and making use of the wi-fi where possible. Rob spent a lot of time in the cinema watching films, but I think Emma and I were slightly low on funds by this point as food on the ferry was quite expensive.

As for the overnight sleep, I really struggled to sleep on the way back but was looking forward to coming home and sorting out other things. I am sure if I have missed anything Rob will gladly comment and fill me in again :).

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