Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pyrenees: Day 13

Pyrenees: Day 13, 8th September 2013
Camping Uhaitza, Mauleon- Soule - Santander (227 miles)

Today was all about getting to Santander rather than the via point at San-Sebastian. I do not know what route we took, but I set my sat nav up to go the fastest whilst avoiding tolls. As you can see in the google embedded map above, there are a few available options. The one highlighted at the moment includes tolls, but there are alternative routes.

Due to the limited amount of pictures I took for this day it is relatively difficult for me to figure out what we did! I believe that we stopped at a couple of petrol stops, one of which we bought and had lunch. The journey was pretty dull and there wasn't much to see until we ended up back along the northern coast of Spain. We stuck to motorways as much as we could, whilst avoiding any tolls.

We booked a hotel before arriving in Santander and locked our bikes up in a local lock-up. I can't remember the charge, but it was quite reasonable.

We visited a McDonalds nearby for wi-fi access (I think that might have been how we sorted out the hotel) and we had lunch at a local Chinese. Everybody was slightly more relaxed now that we had arrived at a last stop in Spain, all prepared for the ferry home the next day, which wasn't due to leave until 3:15pm.

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